Tuesday, 29 October 2013

With Thanks to Guest Speaker Aubrey Brooks

At our 21 Oct 2013 meeting we were given a powerful and moving presentation by Aubrey Brooks on the history of BHP, the impact of the closure on the men and women who worked there, their communities and future plans to ensure that this iconic employer and industry is not forgotten.

Aubrey presented in concert with a DVD which showed included fascinating images from the earliest history of BHP and ended with the "tear down" on the buildings after the closure of the plant. Along the way many stories of the dangers of working in such a plant were touched on and many people in the audience remembered many of the events, often because of personal connections to there events. 

As Aubrey himself pointed out, he gives the presentation often all over Newcastle and it is very rare for people in the audience not to have some sort of connection to someone associated with the BHP.

We'd like to thank Aubrey for his fascinating talk and recommend his presentation and Muster Point tours to anyone interested in the history of the BHP and Newcastle (so often intertwined!).

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  1. Thanks for your kind words, till next time..............Aubrey