Saturday, 10 May 2014

Shipwreck Walk - 26 April 2014

As part of National Trust Heritage Festival, members of the Stockton Historical Society conducted a Shipwreck Walk along the Stockton Foreshore on Saturday, 26 April 2104.

A group of approx. 40 people came along to hear about the various shipwrecks which litter the coast on and around Stockton. We met up at the Stockton Ferry Wharf.

We had to wait a little while as the normal ferry service was interupted by the running of a round of the National Powerboat Championships on the harbour. History is still being made there!

Members Debra and Trish ready to take part in the walk.

We walked towards the ocean and moved towards the Norfolk monument, commemorating the escape of a group of convicts on board the sloop in 1800. It was the wreck of this vessel that earned Stockton its original name of Pirate Point.

We then moved to the breakwater itself, where a sign outlines the history of the structure and names the many wrecks associated with it.

Below we have an image of the wreck of the Adolphe, including the observation deck which overlooks the remains of the wreck. You can see the walk group gathered to listen to our speaker.

Some history of Nobbys being spoken about with the subject in the background.

The main wrecks used as the basis for the breakwater are commemorated by a series of makers, like this one for the Cawarra.

I'd like to thank all those associated with organising, running and taking part in the walk. We received many positive comments about the walk and hope to undertake more in the future.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

CANCELLED - 3 May 2014 Research Day

Just a quick note to let anyone who may have been coming along that the research day scheduled for 3 May 2014 has been cancelled.

However, we hope to see you at the Tony Robinson Tour of Duty event where I will be taking the World War One photo frame along and maybe getting some help in identifying either men or uniforms etc.