Monday, 7 March 2016

House Names

As you walk around Stockton, you will often see houses with names. Prior to the 1920's, Stockton didn't have house numbers. But many houses had names. Trying to align a number with a name is often difficult as there is no record that lists both. We often get questions about where peoples ancestors lived, but we can't really help because we can't align a house name with a house number. Can you help? Do you know of a house with a name? Please feel free to list a house name and it's corresponding number and street in the comments below. As houses are sold and renovated, this important information can disappear as house names are removed or replaced with new ones.

In the picture below, 119 Mitchell St is also known as Carlisle. But before 1925 it was known as Au Revoir. Prior to 1925 the section of Mitchell St which the house sits on was called Carlisle St. Au Revoir perhaps was named to reflect the French speaking background of Captain Hocquard, originally from the Channel Island of Jersey. After the street was renamed, was the house renamed to keep the memory alive?

  • 100 Mitchell St - Montrose
  • 110 Mitchell St - Dowlais
  • Carlisle St - Au Revoir - HOCQUARD
  • 119 Mitchell St - Carlisle - HOCQUARD
  • 131 Mitchell St - Coventry
  • 147 Mitchell St - Westward Ho! - DALTON
  • 203 Mitchell St - Anglegate
  • 74 Maitland St - Holmebank
  • Kingston - Maitland St
  • Allamba - Hereford St


  1. You've reminded me to search by house name and town to see what I can dig up on ancestors'homes.

  2. Jill. I had a thought, what about using Google Streetview for looking at houses in other towns or cities??