World War One Photo Frame Identification

Recently the Society was given a large photo frame containing 18 images we believe to be of soldiers from World War One.

We have no further information on this item. We will be uploading scans of each of the photos in the frame in an attempt to identify the soldiers pictured.

Long time Society member, Ted, with the frame of men we hope to identify.
This is the frame post-conservation. We attempted to keep the conservation decisions as close to the original as possible. We did, however, have the heavy glass replaced with a suitable synthetic substitute (both for safety and for ease of transportation).

Soldiers Identified So Far
  • Soldier 1 - Private Alfred PENN, 5th Pioneer Battalion, of Newcastle, NSW. Son of Alfred Cornelius and Elizabeth Penn of Potters Bar, Middlesex, England. Killed in Action in France.
  • Soldier 3 - Private John Elder JONES, 35th Battalion, Stockton, NSW.
  • Soldier 12 - Private Daniel JONES, 19th Battalion, of Stockton, NSW.
  • Soldier 13 - Private Robert Owen JONES,  2nd Australian General Hospital. Mother, Mrs M. Jones of East Avenue, Portmadoc, Wales.
  • Solider 17 - Bulger Llewelyn JONES, 35th Battalion. Mother, Mrs M. Jones of East Avenue, Portmadoc, Wales.
Tentative Identification
To see all of the photos, please click on the link to the album below:

Unknown Soldiers Identification Project

Below is a slideshow showing the men. If you click on the image it will take you to a larger, more detailed version of the photo. If you have any information on the person or the photo, please leave a comment here or on the photo site.


  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    The soldier wearing the leather bandolier is a member of the Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train (R.A.N.B.T) which changed it name from Royal Australian Naval Brigade (R.A.N.B).
    These were Royal Australian Navy personnel that wore 1st A.I.F Army uniforms.
    He is wearing the anchor hat and collar badges of the unit.
    This unit was very small in size and I would suggest you could ID the soldier by checking the above unit records, there would not of been very many local hunter soldiers in this unit.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I think you may have helped us identify one more soldier/sailor!! A quick search gives us William James BRENNAN of Stockton, part of the 19th Reinforcement of the Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train. Thanks so much for your contribution.

  3. Hi Michelle. I will see what I have in my records on the men from Stockton, I have profiles on a few of the men mentioned but will see if i can identify anyone else.


  4. I am Curator of Cerberus Museum would love a copy of Brennan' pic if possible - the RANBT and the RANB are complete separate - you may not have been RANB to be RANBT or visa versa and many in the RANBT after it disbanded became members of the AIF - Regards Toni