Friday, 10 April 2015

Unidentified Photos from 70 Roxburgh St Stockton

We were recently contacted to see if we could help identify some family photos found in 70 Roxburgh St Stockton. They are from around 1946. Can you help us get these photos back to the family?


  1. I found this Trove announcement for the couple Roxburgh street Stockton&searchLimits=

    Jessie Evans (70 Roxburgh Street, Stockton) and Stanley Wagner (Cooks Hill)

    I do hope this leads to finding a home for the photos.

  2. I found who they are - they are Jessie Evans who married Stanley Frederick Wagner in 1948 - Jessie died in February 2009 - newspaper articles are on nla newspaper sites - engagement June 1947 and marriage March 1948. Ryerson index has a notice of Jessie death on 3 March 2009